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2024-04-03The Data Lifecycle, aka Becoming UnhackableA security practice that is so powerful, so impenetrable, that it is safe from any known or even theoretically imagined computer for trillions of years.
2021-11-20Seven Rules for Sci-Fi WritersA discussion of best practices when writing science fiction stories
2021-05-14The Digital CitizenThe digital revolution and its consequences have been a kind of new enlightenment for human society.
2021-04-11A New NeosynthWhat's old is new again: the story of the Neosynth site redesign
2021-01-16Copyright: The Death of TomorrowWe can come together to build a better world for the artists and historians of tomorrow by protecting their right to do what they can with the ideas we create today.
2020-07-04Alaja Writing: A Linguistic OverviewA discussion of the writing system used in "lekis kojfo", a fictional language spoken in the scifi universe of The Zeta Directive.
2019-02-24The Fallout 4 That Could Have BeenIt's not the classic music or the quirky fifties costumes that make Fallout so memorable.