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Privacy Policy

A primary goal of this site is to provide content while respecting user privacy. You probably wouldn't appreciate a white unmarked van following you all day to stalk you in the physical world, so why should anyone do so online?

Privacy-First Analytics

Just like a retail store needs to keep track of its inventory to stay stocked with whatever its customers are buying, this site collects certain information to allow it to operate its services effectively. The analytics present on this site are designed to be as unintrusive and respectful as possible to your privacy while performing the minimally necessary administrative functions.

Why This Site Collects Information

This site collects information for the following reasons:

How Information is Collected

This website does not use any javascript or cookies whatsoever (in general, not just for tracking).

Neosynth web content is delivered at the edge by Cloudflare. Content that is delivered by Cloudflare is tracked for analytics purposes.

What We Collect

The following information is automatically captured when you visit this website:

No attempt is made to analyse this data in a manner that correlates usage data to any specific human being in the physical world or craft individualised user data profiles, except when investigating malicious/abusive activity toward the site itself.

Who is Data Shared With

Neosynth does not embed any third-party web services (such as Google Analytics, etc) for the purpose of collecting information or analytics with the exception of Cloudflare delivery analytics as described above. Usage data is not shared with third party trackers or advertisers of any kind.

Neosynth reserves the right to share or disclose usage data to third parties or the public for the following reasons:

Neosynth is hosted on Cloudflare Pages. As Neosynth's cloud hosting provider, Cloudflare does have the technical means to access the recorded information from Neosynth analytics and network traffic without our knowledge.

Cloudflare's data processing agreement for their services (which governs the services that Neosynth is hosted under) can be found here.