I'm Neon

Welcome to my page. There are many labels that could be applied to me, but here are some highlights of who I am so that you can better get to know me.

I'm a...


I tell stories from my heart, with a mission to make the written word truly resonate with those who read my work. I use fiction to explore characters and ideas that may be otherwise inaccessible to others.


I may not be the most qualified or original artist, but I take great pride in tailoring visuals to convey the unwritten quintessance of an idea.

I like to think I know my way around GIMP and Inkscape pretty well, too ;)

Infosec Professional

I administrate enterprise information security systems in a large corporate environment, with a personal focus on vulnerability management and remediation.


My university education is in the field of linguistics, with a focus on syntax.

I am a walking trivia book of language facts now.

Digital Citizen

I am a staunch supporter of digital rights and internet privacy.

The internet is my home, and I'd like to build a more free and open space for all of us, with less corporate and government influence over our lives and how we express ourselves.