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Sometimes, it's not what you know, chummer. Sometimes it's who you know.

From time to time, there will be contacts available for "purchase" through Runnerhub. The costs of these vary as do the capabilities, connections, and loyalty of each. In addition to their standard roles as Contacts and unique abilities, these Contacts do some services that benefits the entire Runnerhub community. They even occasionally serve as Johnsons, etc. for Runnerhub jobs.

Acquisition Rules

These Contacts are always available - however, this is a Living World and the status of these contacts can change. Thingsā„¢ can happen to them ... and not always good things. Contacts have been kidnapped, wounded, or even killed. When in doubt, check with your GM.

  • Cost: Each contact has a "point" cost associated. Each point is equivalent to 1 karma or 2,000 nuyen, in any combination.
    • Some Hub contacts have special "purchase rules" which are only available if you pay the point cost of the contact
    • Hub contacts may be taken in chargen just like any other contact, by using the free contact points to buy up their Connection/Loyalty.
      • Contacts bought in this method do not give the character the ability to use their purchase rules
      • The normal restrictions on contact ratings at chargen still apply. Contacts with a combined C/L rating greater than 7 are not available at chagen.
  • Picking up a contact: If the contact is new, you can still add your character's name to the Reddit entry, and list how that individual will pay for the contact. However, after a period Reddit threads no longer allow new comments; if this is the case, please inform a GM before/during/after a run that your character is acquiring the Contact. Deduct the costs, shake hands, and move on!
  • More RP: When you make the commitment to pick up a Runnerhub Contact, posting on its thread can be a good opportunity for RP and building your character's own unique relationship with their new Contact. A post of perhaps what you did when you met them, things discussed, some zany adventures, that kind of thing.
  • Community input: TD and GMs occasionally solicit input on new Runnerhub Contact ideas. Keep your eyes on Reddit and OOC chat!

We try to keep this page up to date with all recent postings of contact information, within one week of posting. If you notice discrepancies here or on the Contacts' wiki pages, please contact Upkeep Division immediately. Thanks!

Runnerhub Contacts Listing
Remilia AuburnAnneArchy641Anti-corp Activism
Armand da CostaWeaver of Dreams7*41*High Fashion
Big Bobof Big Bob's Used Autos341Vehicles
Bruce KincaidMaster of the Range7*42Firearms
Brutus JulianusCyberware Dealer7*62Cyberware, DocWagon Contacts
ButchBro-mancer4*21*Working Out
CCS(Wo)Man?6*?1Charms, New Identity
CitizenA Man About Town842Mover/Shaker
Cornelius McNeilThe Penny Pincher441Banker
Danielle KrokerThe Yerz Momma4*32Auto Mechanic
DelaraThe Forgotten542Laesa
Dr. Alexandria HubbartBreaker of Chains7*62Geneware, DocWagon Contacts
Dr. James ThorntonM.D.532Psychiatry
Dr. Phillis GuedA Shoulder to Cry On441Drugs, Listening
Dr. Shean FordRepeating History5*21Historian
Edward ChaminskiChameleon421Programming
Erminethe Window Washer541Janitorial
Ettu JulianusSculptor of Flesh7*62Bioware, DocWagon Contacts
Falling TimberWho Makes No Sound53/63/1SSC
Father Mercyof Helping Hands Outreach1*31*Homeless, Shelter
Freddy XSpeed Demon531Courier
Honda DaisukeThe Mad Dog542Yakuza
Ikaela CreaShadows541Info Broker
InqueSpeaker of Truth3*30*Journalist
JackThe Armor6*41Armourer
Johnny CabFriendly Cabbie2/4/621/2/3Transport
JulietteDamsel of Distress7*61Magic, Trinkets
Kesuke MoritaThe Rejuvenating Touch621Spa Proprietor
KolfinaA Shard of the Crystal521Tarot Reader
Kyoko HayashiMaker of Men842Forgery
Lanky JackFeeding the Hungry632Ghouls, Recycling
La QuartetChanging with the Seasons4*32Fashionistas
La RocaUn Hacha para Moler6*31Melee Combat
Madam SoapKeeping Her Hands Clean432Clean Up
Margaret PyeWhisper on the Wind0*23Infiltration, Kleptomania
Marty ShermanImpossible to Please532Acting and Theater
Matthew VannaughLawyer to the Shadows531Lawyer, PR
Mister CytoThe Headcase7*62Nanoware, DocWagon Contacts
Mori ChauThe Identity Thief842SIN Hacker
OptiThe Neo-Anarchist861Conspiracy Theorist
Pierre la DelangeThe Nose Knows543Favors
ProximalThe Street Doc422Non-DocWagon Medical
RainierCalming the Beast532*Martial Arts
Romeo PachouteMana Forger / Haitian541Talismonger
Ross RobertsonA Horse of a Different Color432Tattoo Artist
Roy HinkleyProfessor4*31College
Officer Maxwell SamuelThe Fat Green Line531Lonestar Security Consultants
Sepia Crossthe Hardboiled532Private Detecting
Steel WatersKey Master431Naval Supply
Topher GunnerHot Shot431Pilot
TopShopBest in the World752Security Expert
TwoTrapped in the Well834Matrix
Vadim AksenovThe Sleeping Bear542Vory
Vinny the FishBreaker of Legs542Mafia
Virginia WesleyThe Librarian642Hermetic Magic
Waltford StatlerStill Got It7*51Hacking

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