Index: Fiction

Date Title Description
2024-06-21InvictaYour trusted source for the latest headlines and new developments in the fight to preserve freedom and independence for humanity.
2024-01-01A Legendary Raid in the ShadowsIn the far future of 2185 a legendary foe awaits.
2023-11-03Evolved DiplomacyMercenary operative Viyan Yousefi is swept into a diplomatic encounter with mysterious implications.
2021-10-23Vox PænitentiaThe cutting-edge industrialists of today had departed, entrusting the world of tomorrow to the skeletons left in their closet.
2021-08-07Spin the RecordCall me DJ. The full name's kind of a mouthful.
2021-06-20The Zeta Directive [Section 12]Josh took his face into his hands and wept. Earth was still ruled by those slimy alien bastards, and no one would ever even *believe* him, much less do anything about it.
2021-04-11The Veiled MaidenShe smiled back to me supportively with an enthusiastic pearlescent glow in her captivating cerulean eyes. "Prithee, it lights my soul to see your invention shapen before me, my lady."
2021-03-08The DreamerA shining star in the darkness, some glimpses of the light are lost into eternity, only to be known by the gods themselves...
2021-02-14The Zeta Directive [Section 11]Josh gritted his teeth. "Fuck you, ma'am."
2020-12-21The Zeta Directive [Section 9][Interlude]Sometimes she liked to think about who might have lived in all these old buildings that the Peacekeepers ordered them to tear apart. The empty towering ivory skyscrapers had a heavenly radiance to them in the brilliant white light of the Kojfo sun.
2020-11-15The Zeta Directive [Section 8]In time, her broken heart would heal stronger than it had ever been before, readjusting to her newfound reality.
2020-08-29The Zeta Directive [Section 7]The bridge of the ship felt more like a space-age information bunker than a control centre for piloting a cutting-edge starship...
2020-06-27Close EncountersIt was a maze of tunnels and hallways down here, dimly lit and dread-inducing. The flashlight attachment on my rifle was my one light in the darkness...
2020-06-21The Zeta Directive [Section 6]Fiir's confrontation with the Terran girl had left her with much to think about. The young primate was both a curiosity and a complication. A deeply frustrating one, at that.
2020-05-20The Zeta Directive [Section 10]Josh panned and zoomed the camera to get a better look at the ominous disk-shaped vessel. Smoke billowed from the craft, obscuring it near completely on the optical spectrum...
2020-02-16The Zeta Directive [Section 5]Colossal ivory-white high-rise towers sprawled in all directions, glistening in the sunlight as a monument to a breathtaking antediluvian metropolis.
2020-01-23The Zeta Directive [Section 4]Neon gridden lines converged from the periphery of Fiir's vision, creating a wireframe rendition of the room that she occupied....
2020-01-05The Zeta Directive [Section 3]The crackle of metal being sliced open with superheated plasma was audible even from the other side of the airlock door, followed by a loud metallic clatter and then silence.
2019-12-29The Zeta Directive [Section 2]A diplomat's daughter is entangled in an international conspiracy that runs lightyears deeper than she ever could have imagined.
2019-12-21The Zeta DirectiveThe truth was out there, right in front of her eyes.
2019-08-26Remember the TimeSomething strange hit me... I don't know you anymore.