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Hoi, chummer!

Welcome to Neosynth, an eclectic host of cyberpunk digital content. While varied, the content of this site was founded to embody certain ideals not present in similar sites of its kind.

Cyberpunk as more than just an aesthetic.

A primary goal of this site is to explore technologies that empower the digital rights and online privacy of myself and others.

Be the change you want to see in the world
-- Not Gandhi

This website was created to be a platform to publish and distribute original digital content in a manner that does not host advertisements and does not engage in unethical tracking.

The ultimate goal of Neosynth is to be an example to inspire others to follow its lead and break away from mainstream content hosting platforms. We as digital citizens have the power to build a freer and more organic federated internet with less corporate influence than is seen today. The only way that will happen is if all of us come together and take back our internet from our corporate overlords. Hopefully, you will join us in this pursuit.

Ultimately, these kinds of issues go even further than the internet. We live in a world where rampant consumerism and monolithic corporate and state actors are capable of manufacturing our consent to be led on an unprecedented scale. The technologies that have been granted to us via the Information Revolution have undeniably improved our lives immensely, but they have also brought us into a new era where we must struggle with the dangers inherent to powerful tools of information dissemination. These kinds of ideas and obstacles are inherent to cyberpunk as a genre, and are likely to be prevalent as recurring themes within the works posted on this site.

Ideas best expressed through fiction.

Exploring the lives and experiences of fictional characters is a window into ourselves and a valuable tool for developing our sense of empathy and understanding for others.

At Neosynth, a founding goal is to share the heartfelt appreciation for fiction with others and utilise fiction as a vehicle to explore complex social ideas and scenarios through literary means.

The creative works on this website are crafted with a focus on detailed worldbuilding, in-universe consistency, and accessible prose to create stories that are meaningful and resonant to the reader in exploring social and technological concepts that are core to the cyberpunk premise Neosynth was founded upon.